Dubai Laser Offers

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For the Emirates, Dan has a generous offer of shows that can be held in hotels, exhibitions, weddings, corporate and private events. We suggest you to request a personalized offer from our booking agent.

Sound of Opera, Kids in Space, LaserSpectacular, Club Lasers Show, Shymphony of Lasers, there are some ideas for your show. Unique visual emotions which cannot be found in other visual environments.

DAN LEONTE - the laser shows artist

     One of the best creators of laser shows, animation and 3D images made with laser technology. Sound of Opera, Multimedia Light Show, Laser Kids Show, Symphony of Lasers are some of the spectacular shows, presented to the public on many, many stages of the world!

     Dan is a talented artist based in Barcelona, Dubai and Bucharest, well known in the art as a good laserist. In 2014 for the first time, he launched the concept of laser shows artist creator, making his own shows, becoming the first laserist to create and support tours with his performances. Innovative, Dan presents laser show performances worldwide in large places, theaters, exhibitions, hotels and concerts.